Young Adults

Currently, our young adults do not have separate ministry meetings but meet as part of our small groups with a purpose of bringing the generations of our church together in ministry. If you would like to learn more about our small groups, you can do so by visiting Ministries > Small Groups on our website or contacting our church office

Parent/teen ministry

The teen years need not be a time of survival in the hopes that on the other side things will turn out OK. Rather, they are years filled with opportunity to prepare our teens to live a devoted, productive, God-honoring life as an adult. The grace of God is available for this task and fuels it with hope.

We believe parents are the primary ones responsible for this task, so we create contexts to equip and support parents in raising teens. Our meetings involve parents and teens together, so they can interact over biblical truth, serve together, worship together, and yes, have fun together, all in the context of the local church.