Bible Resources

Over the years we have collected resources to aid you in knowing your Bible. This year we have a variety of memory aids, reading plans, and apps to help you make the Bible a priority in your life. 

Bible Memory

FighterVerses: This is the Bible memory system we use. It provides one memory verse a week for 52 weeks. 

Websites, Apps, Etc.

Dwell Scripture Listening App: This app takes listening to the Bible to a whole new level of customization and ease. $39.99/year Bible App/YouVersion Bible App for Kids: This website and its companion apps give you access to hundreds of versions of the Bible, reading plans, and other study tools. They also have an app designed for kids! The app is compatible across all popular platforms. Online bible study tools Powerful online bible study tools and companion app. 

Echo Prayer App: This app is designed to help organize prayer requests and remind you to pray throughout the day.

Below you will find the Bible reading plans we have gathered.
We hope these will be tools that will serve you as you grow in knowledge of and love for our Lord. 

Bible Reading Plans

Here we have a variety of Bible reading plans to serve you. We have tried to provide a few ranging from very flexible to very intensive. Copies of many of these plans are available at the Information Table and/or Library, but if you need help printing anything, please email the Church Office! Many of these are also available through the YouVersion Bible App. 

+Available on the YouVersion Bible App


Bible Reading Chart

This is an eye catching chart to help you track your Bible reading. It is a read-at-your-own-pace approach with absolutely zero guidelines other than READ. 

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C.S. Lewis Institute Bible Reading Plan

This reading plan is designed to take you through the Bible by reading in six different sections. You can read these six sections daily, one section a day, or any other way you are able. It is designed to give a broad overview of the Bible while being extremely flexible.

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Discipleship Journal 5x5x5 New Testament Reading Plan+

Duration: One Year

This is a one year reading of the New Testament in five minute readings five times a week.

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Gospel Coalition Two-Year Bible Reading Plan

Duration: Two Years

This Bible reading plan is designed to take you through the Old and New Testaments in two years, and

through the Psalms and Proverbs four times during that period.

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Every Word in the Bible Reading Plan

Duration: 3 Years

This plan will take you through the bible, one chapter a day, in three years while alternating between Old and New Testaments. An excellent option for those who are easily discouraged by the fast pace of other daily reading plans.

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5 Day Bible Reading Plan

Duration: One Year

This plan is a chronological walk through either the whole Bible or just the New Testament in one year.  Because it only has five readings a week, it gives you two days for other readings or to catch up on any missed during the week. 

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Discipleship Journal Book-At-A-Time Reading Plan+

Duration: One Year

This reading plan will take you through the Bible at a steady pace through two readings a day while focusing on one book of the Bible at a time.

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52-Week Bible Reading Plan

Duration: One Year

This plan takes you through the Bible in one year by reading in 7 different genre sections of the bible a day.

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ESV Study Bible Reading Plan+

Duration: One Year

This plan from the ESV Study Bible provides daily readings from across four sections of the Bible.

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Blue Letter Bible Historical Reading Plan+

Duration: One Year

This plan mimics Israel's Hebrew Bible for the Old Testament readings, and places the New Testament readings in the order that they were written.

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Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System+

Duration: Ongoing

If you have completed Bible-In-A-Year reading programs before and want something to stretch you further, or maybe you've never read your Bible through before but you want to intimately know it, this may be the program for you. It is an intense 10 daily chapters but you will never read your Bible in quite the same way again while using this system. 

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CSB Bible in 90 Days Reading Plan+

Duration: 90 Days

This reading plan will guide you through the Bible in 90 days through 30-40 minute readings. 

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