Small Groups

We shouldn't go through life alone!

Sunday morning celebrations are vital to our Christian life, but we also need to meet in smaller groups. God designed us to be in relationship with other believers who help us grow to be more like Jesus in our character, to help us persevere in faith through life's trials, and to encourage us to grow in love and good deeds toward others.

So to do that we meet in homes in what we call "Discipleship Groups." The goal of the discipleship groups is to grow as disciples of Jesus. The format is a meal (for developing relational closeness), a study of God's word (for knowing and applying his truth), and a time to minister to one another (for building up each believer). Once a month our groups break into men and women for more specific ministry times.

Fall 2018 Session: Ephesians

Our fall session starts on September 23, 2018 and will run for 10 weeks. We have five groups that meet in homes throughout the Aurora and Denver area.  We are currently studying the Letter to the Ephesians. We have study guides for those who would like you participate. 

Find your discipleship group!

All of our discipleship groups are open to visitors and are ages 18+. If you have younger children, you can contact your preferred discipleship group leader to learn more about child care options as all discipleship groups handle this differently. If you'd like to find out how to visit one of these discipleship groups, contact our church office.

  • Sunday Afternoon

    The Sunday Afternoon group is led by David Plats & Savannah Platz (women's breakouts) and meets at 12pm in Southwest Denver.

  • Sunday Evening

    The Sunday Evening group is led by Josh Subrahmanyam & Kristen Subrahmanyam (women's breakouts) and meets from 5-7:30pm in South Aurora/Southeast Englewood.

  • Tuesday evening

    The Tuesday Evening group is led by Rick Tormohlen & Amy Santee (women's breakouts) and meets from 6-8:30pm in Southeast Aurora.

  • Wednesday Evening

    The Wednesday Evening group is led by Spencer Hooker & Jamie Santee (women's breakouts) and meets from 6-8:30pm in South Aurora.

  • Thursday evening

    The Thursday Evening group is led by Howard Platz & Shannon Alderton (women's breakouts) and meets from 6-8:30pm in Southeast Denver.